CarProg Full V4.1 Use And Carprog Software Install

Carprog was designed with regard to demands of our customers to have universal tool for car radios, odometers, dashboards, immobilizers repair.

Now it is necessary to know how to use the CarProg Full V4.1 and how to install Carprog Full v4.01 Software.

How to use the CarProg Full V4.1:

First:Make the Universal tool – CARPROG inside have powerful 16-bit MPU and full set ofautomotiveinterface drivers.

In basic version you will get hardware with extra functions: 123. input/output pins for EEPROM in-circuit programmer, future possibility’s to make on the same hardwareMicrocontrollerprogrammer, Immobiliser Transponder Key programmer with antenna adapter for 125/134kHz, K-linediagnostic (dashboard odometer programming, immobilizer key programming), CAN linediagnostic,+5V/+12V output, USB, power supply only from USB

Second:Make the Low Cost tool – with CARPROG basic you will receive many extra functions (likecar radiocode calculator CC1, EEPROM programmer and VAG dashboard’s programmer by CAN) andalladditional software’s you can buy extra according your need

Third:Make it User Friendly – Windows XP software, works without any installations, on all PC, useUSB toPC link, all adapters schematics diagrams on-line.

At this end:CarProg Full V4.1 is just the obd tuning tool ,this tool isn’t difficult for you to use it so youcan learn to use the scanner well quickly.

How to install Carprog Full v4.01 Software

Copy software from CD to any directory on your PC.

Open the software, then you will see

For Airbag Function, carprog v04.01 support

Carprog Full Softwares:
* ECU-OPEL – OPEL login reader from motor hybrid ECU. Works with Bosch ME1.5.5, Siemens SIMTEC71, SIMTEC71.1, Delco Diesel, Delco Multec.
* OPELCAN – Opel ECU by CAN programmer – read/change mileage in EDC16, MT35E, HSFI 2.2 read PIN, reset ECU
* PSG16 – Opel PSG16 diesel pump by OBDII – read/change mileage, read PIN, reset ECU
* OPEC28 – Opel Siemens Simtec ECU Tool Advanced

CARPROG FULL v4.01 with all Software’s activated and all 21 items Adapters

Be abiding to disable/uninstall anti-virus software
Please note, anti-virus software can banderole up this artefact software as accepting a virus. This is a apocryphal absolute and is due to the software absolute the appliance book like .exe. So Before bureaucracy the accessory software, amuse disable/uninstall anti-virus software or install a added reliable virus scanner! Our artefact software is absolutely safe and virus chargeless and all added virus scanners affirm this.
If the software abstracts is destroyed or absent because you overlook to disable/uninstall anti-virus software, amuse acquaintance our chump service, we align to resend you CD or forward you the software via internet.

Carprog Full Software and Manual Free Download

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