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How To Do With Drowsy Driving?

1, To find a safe area to take a nap is the best way: this is the most effective way to avoid fatigue driving. 2, Drink, tea, coffee and other beverages with a refreshing effect. If you prepare long-distance driving, it is best to prepare some reminders of drinks in the car, such as Red Bull, tea, coffee and so on. However, each person’ [...]

Do Have Proper Rest When Driving

Long driving in the highway, when there are less cars in good traffic, it’s easier to fall asleep.Whether it is day or night, dozing phenomenon has occurred, especially the road is very good with the monotonous surrounding landscape, and less cars on the road has been particularly the case most likely to fall asleep. Secondly, driving after l [...]

Don’t Ignore The Tire Pressure Before...

Tire pressure changes as the temperature. If the tire pressure is insufficient, it may cause tire punctured. Under normal circumstances, pneumatic tire without enough air blowout risk is higher. If the tires lose air continuing driving, which will deform the tire sidewall, driving for a long time, will accumulate a lot of heat inside the tire [...]

Make A Simple Examination Of The Car ...

Due to the long-distance travel the vehicle spare parts burden are more than usual short-burden, so before the the long journey, be sure to make a simple full vehicle inspection, major projects are: Check the abnormal sound of Chassis: If the sound source is the drive shaft, you need replacement before driving. Meandering paths, complex roads [...]