Digimaster 3 Digimaster III Update Steps

New Digimaster 3 is updated which has a higher performance. Such as has a HD digital TFT color screen, multi-thread operation system, extend functions freely and unlimitedly. The Digimaster 3 can update online, the steps as following:

Plug the power supply to digimaster3 and insert the network cable into the LAN interface of Digimaster.
Choose “Management”
Select ”Update”
Click”Software Upgrade”
Then the update is done.

Steps Update EBOOT for Digimaster 3 as following:

Notice: Before update EBOOT, please install Digimaster 3 TOOL first.

1. Press button “8” and “OK” at the same time, and turn the power on. When you see “Press OK to confirm and continue update Firmware”, press OK.

2. Connect Digimaster 3 with your computer through the purple Mini USB cable.

3. Select “install the software automatically”, click “Next”.

4. If Digimaster 3 is installed already, choose the second “SEC SOC SMDK Board”, and click “Next” to complete driver installation.

5. Launch “Digimaster 3 PC Tools” and select “Kernel Update”.

6. Make sure the purple Mini USB is connected.

7. Click “Kernel Update” and choose “EBOOT_20110427.bin”. Click “OK” to start EBOOT program update.

8. After a few seconds, if the Digimaster 3 screen appears a twinkling red ‘YH’ logo, EBOOT update is complete.

After that, please turn power off and choose an appropriate way to update the kernel.

Please attention: unload the anti-virus software and firewall temporarily to make sure the Digimaster 3 software running normally.

Digimaster 3 a key upgrade ,specific steps the data can be downloaded to view on our website.

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