Do Not Forget The Cleaning Details Of Car Daily Maintenance

Center Console
It seems easy to clean the center console, a rag can get it. In fact you will find a little note, instrument, there are many “various obstacles” which need special tools to clean. At this time, you can find a number of different thicknesses of woods or rulers, trim one end to the tip style, and then wrapped in a clean cloth to clean inside.

Often forgotten ignition wires
We are all familiar with the spark plug, but the ignition wires are often forgotten by people. When the car is not easy to catch fire, increased fuel consumption, power and poor symptoms, it is recommended to check the ignition wire. Ignition wire ends are connected to the distributor and spark plugs, is the only path to pass to the engine. Due to its high frequency of use, the working environment is also relatively poor, will be very prone to aging, damage and other phenomena, causing ignition energy shortage. Experts suggest that the vehicle ignition wire replaced every twenty thousand kilometers.

Brakes also need to focus on
Brake disc surface is more smooth than the pads, susceptible to the impact of brake pads rough surface. So when check and replace the brake pads, we should also pay attention to the surface of the disc condition, if there is relatively clear scratches, proposed replacement of the brakes in order to avoid future trouble.

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