ELM327 Bluetooth Software Install Guide

ELM327 bluetooth software install Guide:

1 Ready to software and hardware,follow me operation step by step! Spend a few minutes to installation ends.

2 In this step ,you can change install path!

3 ELM327 bluetooth Software install is finish!

The next is ELM327 bluetooth connection! Guys follow me step by step !

Before connection you need install ELM327 bluetooth software !!

The ELM327 bluetooth software install is finish.And you can see the port .

4 Search ELM327 Bluetooth and add it . Different ELM327 bluetooth software have different operation . I use my ELM327 bluetooth software in this tutorial .

OK ,now follow me step by step.

5 To this step , you can see several ELM327 bluetooth devices . Which one is ELM327 ? The answer is “ CBT ” ,Please select it and go to next step .

6 Now you can see ,it need passkey and the Bluetooth passkey default is 1234 .Put it in the box and pair now .And follow the picture step by step .

7. Please ticker checkbox.

8.To this step ,pair is finish .But the job is not end .

9 Find this shortcut in desktop and open it .Then you can see it.

10 If pair failure , you can see it . Now please connect it .

11 If connect OK , you can do next .

12 Please open the scanMaster-ELM and follow me to set up it.

13 All is OK . you can use elm327 bluetooth code to test your car !

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