Four Common Mistakes Of Car Lubricants Daily Use

One: give it more oil
Lubricant should be controlled dipstick upper and lower scale between the lines as well. Because too much oil from the cylinder and the piston will be a gap in the formation of coke fleeing into the combustion chamber. These coke will increase the engine compression ratio, increase knock tendency; coke in the cylinder was also likely to cause red hot preignition, as falling exacerbate the cylinder and piston cylinder wear, but also accelerate oil pollution. Second, too much oil increased crankshaft connecting rod stirring resistance, so that the fuel consumption increases.

Two: change when lubricating oil darkened
Such an interpretation is not comprehensive. For no added oil dispersant quiet, the color black indeed mean that oil has seriously deteriorated performance, but modern cars use lubricants are generally quiet add a decomposing agent. This quiet agent will wash down the film adhere to the piston and black carbon deposition which then dispersed in oil, to reduce engine temperature precipitates generated, so lubricants tend to darken after a period of time use, but this time the oil is not completely degenerate.

Three: only supplement oil without replacing
Always checking the oil is right, but only supplement without replacing the oil can only compensate for the lack of quantity, but can not fully compensate for the loss of lubricant performance. During use, due to contamination, oxidation and other reasons lubricant quality will be decreased, while there will be a number of consumption, making the reduction in the number.

Myth: Additives have big usefulness

Really a variety of high-quality lubricants have many engine protection functions, the formula already contains a variety of additives, including anti-wear agents, and lubricants formula most need equalization to let a variety of performance full play. Other additives can not bring the car additional protection, but easily react with the chemicals in the oil.

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