French Rocket Bike Makes a 333km/h Record

What is the fastest speed of a bicycle? Then it will not be faster than fast cars, right? Ordinary bicycle can not really even electric bikes can not do, but it may not be a rocket bike.

A French man named Arnold Neracher recently devised an rocket bike, its maximum speed is as high as 333 km/h, 263 km faster than the previous record, scored a bicycle traveling speed world record for the highest naturally mention.

This rocket bike has general appearance of the bike almost, but the above are installed in a rocket. It is understood that the propeller is made by Exotic thermal engineering company, although it is unclear what kind of fuel it uses to drive, when the engine will emit a lot of white smoke, it looks like a smaller version of the rocket launch.

To prove how fast the rocket bike is, Neracher makes a competition with a Ferrari 430 Scuderia. You can see from the video, rocket bike accelerates from 0 to 333 km only took about five seconds, by contrast, Ferrari seems to have become a snail.