How To Do With Drowsy Driving?

1, To find a safe area to take a nap is the best way: this is the most effective way to avoid fatigue driving.

2, Drink, tea, coffee and other beverages with a refreshing effect.

If you prepare long-distance driving, it is best to prepare some reminders of drinks in the car, such as Red Bull, tea, coffee and so on. However, each person’s body is different, different beverages have different refreshing effect.

3, Open the windows

A gust of wind blew also can play a role in refreshing. The reason is that to breathe fresh air itself in a certain extent, can be refreshing, and outside the car cool wind with lower temperature can make people’s spirits.

4, Playing rhythmic songs

Playing music also can play a refreshing effect. It should be noted that choose some musics with strong rhythm and melody, such as rock, electronic music, rap music.

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