How To Use Digimaster 3 To Program Mileage Odometer For VW Audi?

If the Digimaster 3 dialog box appear asking to”re-run the software”, it indicates Digimaster 3 was not registered and can’t be sued, the tested Digimaster 3 will not show this error.

1.Start up machine, it displays Digimaster 3 Basic Information: 0 tokens means no tokens limitation; Digimaster 3 supports free upgrade online and no need user name and password.

2. There will show how to adjust the mileage, take Toyota Camry mileage adjust for example, firstly find the basic information for Toyota Camry mileage correction in the “Digimaster 3 vehicle list.xl” , it needs to use OBP adapter, so find the OBP adapter in the tool box, in the Digimaster 3 display screen, choose “Meter System”.

3.Select “Japan&Korea”

4.Select “Toyota”

5.Select “Camry”

6. Show “C46″ as follows, it indicates to remove the instrument and to find C46 chip. Note: the same as to the other cars models, when it displays chip model, just to remove the instrument and find the corresponding chip model.

7.The following picture tells the position of dip 93c46, now remove dip 93c46.

Note: be careful not separate chop angle and make sure not short-circuit.

8.let’s see what’s the removed 93c46 chip like.

9.Insert the chip in the right position and connect the OBP, (Note: notice 93c46 direction)

10.Chick “NEXT”, read out chip mileage value 80KM, select “YES” to adjust the mileage value you want.

11.For example, in the box “Adjusting mileage”, enter “4567″, and then chick “OK”.

12.Write Data succeed!

13.Read out the current mileage value to confirm whether it matches the mileage value you just now adjusted.

14.Now we confirm, the current mileage is 456 Kilometer.

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