How to Use VOLVO Serial Cable ?

-For laptops and PCs, download the shareware 1.3 

-Run it and follow the prompts to allow it to install itself.

Note: You must install volvo FCR on your PC`s hard disk — it will not work properly if you try running it directly from a floppy or CD. However, you can use a floppy or CD to move the distribution file from a PC with internet access to another PC that does not have internet access. 

-Connect the interface between the computer and the car by plugging one end of the interface into a Serial (RS232) on your PC and the other end directly into the OBD-II port present passenger vehicles.

-Turn the car`s ignition switch ON. No need to start the engine. 

-Start the Volvo program, 

-Now it works. Make sure the software can reliably access all the control modules that it should in your car.

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