Lenovo Entered The Vehicle Networking System

In recent years, more and more car manufacturers pay attention on car networking, competing to create the perfect vehicle networking systems.

Lenovo has focused on PC before, in recent years, after the acquisition of Motorola’s mobile phone, started to develop high-end products, but it seem not to satisfy its appetite. Lenovo Tablet automotive electronics solutions combine the car and networks, mobile, software, not only with navigation, entertainment, traditional functions, but both Internet properties. With the vehicle OBD / CAN technology highlights to location information, combined with the mobile Internet properties by OBD hardware + tablet + cloud service model, drivers can understand the condition, traffic information better, and can view the history of the running track at any time through the tablet, and mobile communication devices will upload the driving data to the cloud. ”

It means Lenovo began to have a try on vehicle networking system, the functionality it provides will include positioning, vehicle management, vehicle examination, real condition, fuel management.