OBD-II ELM327 WiFi Interface Quick Setup Instructions

Interface Setup

Setup of the OBD-II ELM327 WiFi Interface is quick and easy an in just a few steps you will be connected and receiving information from you vehicle. Troubleshooting and suggestion bullet points are included in this setup guide but are included only as a point of reference to help you get connected and monitoring your vehicles vitals as quickly as possible.
1. Start your vehicle.
2. Connect the OBD-II Interface to your vehicle.

Windows Users

1. Connect to the WiFIOBD Network
2. Locate your Wireless Adapter Settings within the Network Connections Control Panel > Right-Click Properties >Select Internet Protocol Version 4 > Click Properties. On the Following screen assign the following IP Address: and Subnet Mask:
3. Install and Open the ScanMaster-ELM Demo software
4. Click Options, Communication and Set Interface Type: WLAN, IP Address: & Port: 35000
5. Navigate to the Start Menu Tab and click Connect

iOS Users

1. Go to your iPhone or iPad Settings > General > Network > Wi-Fi
2. Change Settings for the WiFiOBD Network to the following. Change the first setting from DHCP to Static. Enter IP Address: and Subnet Mask: Change HTTP Proxy to Auto.
3. Go back to Wi-Fi Networks, Scan for and join the WiFiOBD Network.
4. Open the application of your choice, DashCommand or to start an inexpensive alternative is RevLite.
5. In RevLite go to settings and Set Kiwi Wifi as your hardware and click custom, enter as the IP address and 35000 as the port. The software will detect the hardware and connect to your vehicle.
In DashCommand go to Settings, Change Auto Connect to On and OBD -II Interface Type to ELM. Go back to the main menu and click Connection to access the OBDII Hardware and connect to your vehicle.

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