Proper Maintenance Of The SUV – Shorten Oil Change Mileage

Owner is best to shorten oil change mileage
According to the franchise SUV vehicle dealers, SUV usually take the four-wheel drive 4WD designed to cope with different road conditions. Most of the SUV with a non-slip differential rear axle unit, in case of a wheel spin, make sure that there is still another round grip; rather prone to high temperatures in such cases, damages differential.

Therefore, consumers should be based on the original proposal to use a suitable lubricant, with good lubricity, high temperature and other characteristics, in order to truly complete protection differentials and automatic transmission. Therefore, SUV owners should shorten oil change mileage, regular replacement of high-quality synthetic, high stability of the engine oil, that is the best way of engine maintenance.

Car clean
Because of the complex driving environment, it is best to do a more thorough regular cleaning of the car. SUV car cleaning work, can not just rely on a certain kind of detergent and protection products. Because the car parts have different materials, and are relatively messy, decentralized, attention should paid to a different cleaning agents.

Choose the larger alkaline cleaners, although there whitening, decontamination effect, there will be some troubles, too strong alkaline cleaning agents will soak flannel, leather chairs, ceiling, culminating in compaction, cracking. Professional approach is to select cleaning fluid withe the PH value not exceed 10.

Indispensable protective agent for instrument panel
After cleaning the car, the dashboard and leather chairs should be coated with a protective agent.

SUV - Shorten Oil Change Mileage

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