Some About Using Launch X431 Diagun III?

Step one:
Plug the X431 Diagun scan tool’s OBD-ii adapter plug into the car’s computer system OBD2 socket, and turn to the car’s ignition—but never get started it. pls make the 12V electric power.

Step two:
Start up the Launch X431 Diagun III scan tool.The display will come on,and just after it communicates with the car’s laptop for a number of seconds, it will display screen an Ok concept or simply a menu on Launch X431 Diagun III.

Step three:
Plug an X431 Diagun OBD2 reader right into a connection port on the car or truck. The X431 Diagun code reader can then interface along with the car’s central laptop, that may return a computer code that identifies the source of your problem.

Step four:
Navigate the menu to find the stored codes, the diagnostic codes which the car’s pc has saved into its memory. These codes are gathered above time within the CF card of X431 Diagun III, and until the vehicle’s battery has become disconnected, they need to remain in memory. The X431 Diagun scan tool will display these codes, together with standard knowledge info concerning the code.

Step five:
Write down the codes which might be shown on the X431 Diagun scan tool.

Bluetooth (wireless) Connection Procedure of X-431 Diagun III:
1.Insert the TF card into the slot;
2. Find out the vehicle’s DLC;
3.Plug the 16 PIN end of DBScar diagnostic connector into the vehicle’s DLC.

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