Summer Driving Safety You Have to Know

Note that changes of water-thermometer
Summer weather is hot, the driver should always pay attention to changes in water-thermometer, generally not exceeding 95 ā„ƒ, especially vehicle load or when driving in the mountains, but also to pay attention to prevent the engine from overheating and in time for the tank water.

Do not stick the dark insulation film on front windshield
The car stickers insulation film can withstand the sun, and also heat, UV, but the front windshield most taboo dark insulation film, to not affect traffic safety, the transmittance of the front windshield must be greater than 70%.

Do not slam the brakes for rain water flowers
Often normal driving in the rain, when left and right sides of the vehicle overtaking splashes hit the front windshield, but this time, hands clenched the steering wheel vehicle to accelerate wiper speed, the direction of the prison, do not make emergency brake or turn suddenly.

Do not wash car in high temperatures
You can not wash the car only because of the high temperature, for a huge difference in temperature, the internal structure of the vehicle and the paint will cause varying degrees of damage. Especially when found in brake pads heated redness, do not give it “cold shower”, otherwise it will be out of shape due to rapid cooling.

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