Tacho Pro 2008 Vs Digimaster III,Which Mileage Correction Tool Is Better ?

Universal Tacho Pro 2008 is the most popular tools for mileage programmer. Digimaster 3 is the high quality programmer for mileage. It can update online directly. Programmer will be updated with model updating. Also, some relevant smart tools for particular brand cars.

What is difference between digimaster 3 and tacho pro 2008.07 or tacho pro 2008.01? Digimaster 3 is a very profeesional and good tool for miles.As tacho pro 2008.07,digimaster 3 can do newer car till 2010,and can be added new car when it get update on line,but tacho pro only can do car till 2007-2008,can not be updated.

Both tool no need tokens,but if you want to add new car to digimaster 3 ,you need buy tokens from us.And also this two tools need to remove the dashboard,and digimaster 3 is harder to use,it need more professional technical control.

Outstanding characteristics of our tacho Pro system are:

– The current odometer reading is decoded and shown in the LCD display
– Easy self explanitory operation by clear menu guidance
– Backlit display makes working possible in overcast conditions
– All datasets can be edited, saved and loaded
– The stored data can be transferred to a PC for archiving
– Up to 200 files can be stored in the Tacho Universal
– Broken speedometers can be repaired comfortably

For function, DIGIMASTER 3 can do more:

Main function of Digimaster III:

1. Odometer correction
2. Audio decoding
3. Airbage reset
4. ECU programming
5. PIN Code Reading
6. BMW key programming

But tacho only can do miles,and can not do BMW,benz well.
For language,Digimaster III only has english,tacho pro is multi-language.
If clone:Digimaster 3 is original,tacho pro is copy one,but both of them have one year warranty.

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