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Procedure of copying CN2 (4D) by CN1 ...

1. First put CN2(4D) in testing hole to test the data 2. Remove CN2(4D) from testing hole. And put CN1(4C ) in the testing hole. And then press Copy button 3. After press Copy button and wait for few seconds then will see following data.. And finally will see Success. Itmeant copy is successful. 4.To Test CN1(4C)through copy become CN2( 4D ) [...]

Use CN2 copy ID63 chip via CN900

Use CN2 copy ID63 chip via CN900( Including connect with PC to decode) 1.First put the original key with ID63 chip intesting hole and press Identify& Copy. Wait for few seconds will see Decode and P4: XX XX XX XX XX 2. Open computer and find this CN900 Decode 4D and click it. After click then will see these English words: The Database is [...]

If CN900 screen became black and whit...

If key programer CN900 screen became black and white . Please check follow ways how to fix it: Step 1: First connect CN900 Key Programmer with computer and power by USB wire Step 2: First download : CN900_LOADER V3.10 Then decompressing file and save it Step 3: Click . You will see in front of Fast there marked hook Step 4: Remove the Hook in [...]