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Use the Galletto 1260 tool to read/wr...

Below are some brief instructions to follow when using the Galletto 1260 tool to read/write your ECU. How to read the ECU: 1. Prior to connecting the Galletto 1260 you must copy the software from the mini disc and add it to the desktop on your laptop. If you don’t have the disc the software is available on the HDI-Tuning website. 2. To [...]

How To Reset The Airbag Light?

1. Turn ignition switch off, remove ECU service connector 2. Connect (jump) the MES connector (this is 2 pin yellow connector wrapped in yellow plugged in the front of the underdash fuse box) 3. Turn ignition switch on 4. SRS light will come on for 6 secs then go out, remove the jumper within 4 secs after the light goes out. 5. The SRS light [...]

Connect KESS V2 To K-LINE Med 17

If your car is OBD diagnostic socket, just plug the OBD cable into the car; if your car is not OBD diagnostic socket, after you select the ECU type in the KESS V2 software, the diagram will appear and show you how to connect (see the following pictures) Kess V2 Following on the success of the tremendously stable and versatile Kess 1, th [...]