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MB Star C3 Software Installation

How to install the MB Star C3 software? If you bought the MB Star C3 super software with external HDD,that’s good,it can be used on ordinary computers. But how to install the MB Star C3 software ?Your mb star c3 need to code calculat. MB Star C3 code calculating: I will send you new STARTKEY. Please delete the old StartKey, and put [...]

How to Change MB Star C3 Language?

First choose the left side down button to setup (which mark red arrow on the pic),then click lanuage to change the one you want. Know more about the Mercedes Benz Star C3:

Before Purchase MB Star C3 You May Wa...

FAQ About Mb Star C3 from Customers Q1: is this mb star c3 only what I need to work or I must have something else? A1: This tool can work on both Benz cars and trucks, no need buy anthing else. Q2: is this version MB STAR C3 works only on IBM T30 model ? A2: We have Two types of Hard Disk with software: 1. External hard disk which can fit on [...]

MB Star C3 ERROR! What is wrong!

“Error during initializing, no link could be established between the diagnosis gateway and the control unit”. MB Star C3  error occured,the reasons must be the following 3: 1. Your PC do not have serial port. You use USB to RS232 convert. which will lead to no communication. If your pc doesn’t have serial port, you can buy I [...]

MB Star C3 Is A Good Mercedes-Benz Di...

MB Star C3 is the most popular tool in MB Star C3 PRO is a professional and good diagnostic tool specially for mercedes benz cars. Mercedes Benz Star C3 09,2011 can do benz trucks and new types of mercedes cars. Version: 2014.01 Multi-Language: English, French, Croatian, Italian, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Czech, Danish, Dutch, [...]

Change Benz Diagnosis DAS Setting Can...

You may don’t know change Benz diagnosis DAS setting can make the C3 works as C4.If you have old Mb Star C3,but you want to use new Mercedes SD Connect C4,there is the method: Let the mb star c3 works as new c4 just need change Benz diagnosis DAS Setting! Solution 1 : Convert MB Star C3 PartD (C3) To SD connect (new c4) : download Convert_C3_ [...]