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Steps for Installing Rechargeable bat...

Steps for Installing Rechargeable batteries and WIFI Card of MB SD connect compact 4 1. Please prepare the following tools: 1— SDconnect multiplexer which need to input the batteries. 2— 6 units Ni-MH Rechargeable batteries, Size:AA, Voltage:1.2V, Capacity: above 1700mA. 3— 1 unit 108M WIFI Card. 4— Plum screwdriver, [...]

How To Use MB SD Connect Compact 4 St...

Step1: SD Connect 4 internet protocol properties ip address Step2: SD Connect4 Configuration Change Step 3: sd connect4 mux register configure setting Step 4: select the name for sdconnect Step 5:  sd connect4 wlan parameter road setting Step 6:  sd connect tool kit device configuration

MB Star C3 Software Installation

How to install the MB Star C3 software? If you bought the MB Star C3 super software with external HDD,that’s good,it can be used on ordinary computers. But how to install the MB Star C3 software ?Your mb star c3 need to code calculat. MB Star C3 code calculating: I will send you new STARTKEY. Please delete the old StartKey, and put [...]