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Volvo Solar Charging Umbrella

This solar charger umbrella by absorbing solar energy isused for plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle. At the same time, it is also a work of art as shading devices, can effectively reduce the vehicle temperature rise in the sun. In fact, this solar charger umbrella most spectacular place is its convenience. It’s powered by a flexible thin film [...]

How to Use VOLVO Serial Cable ?

-For laptops and PCs, download the shareware 1.3  -Run it and follow the prompts to allow it to install itself. Note: You must install volvo FCR on your PC`s hard disk — it will not work properly if you try running it directly from a floppy or CD. However, you can use a floppy or CD to move the distribution file from a PC with internet [...]

Install the Vcads Pro Software

Vcads Pro setup steps: 1.Operate the file ” setup.exe” 2.Choose this ID to install the software: 401276 3.After setup, operate the file “vcads_after_setup.reg” on the patch folder. 4.Check if you can see the mark “MS SQL Server Sevice Manager” on the lower right corner of your computer, you can refer to the picture “crack.jpg”. 5.Operate t [...]