Three Mistakes Of Car Air-Conditioning Use In Summer

One: directly open the air conditioning. In the use of air conditioning, the seemingly simple but there are significant aspects of misunderstanding. In summer, many owners used to directly open the car air conditioning after in, think which would allow the inside temperature down a little bit faster. However, because of the higher temperature in the car, this method does not work well, the correct approach would be to open window first, so the heat is discharged. Such as the temperature dropped and then open the air conditioning.

Two: prolonged use of the inner loop. Principle is that the air circulating within a closed space in the car circulation, thus causing the oxygen content of the car will continue to decline, and if the cylinder gasoline incomplete combustion the not burned carbon monoxide from engines will leak into the compartment. Therefore interior air quality will continue to deteriorate, and even cause harm to humans, it is not good to open the inner loop for long. It is also the truth that you can not sleep in the car driving the inner loop.

Three: Parking without turning off the air conditioner. Some owners often do not close the air before the flame, this approach is harmful to the engine, because the next startup of the vehicle, the engine will start with air-conditioning load, such high-load damage engine. So after each stop, turn off the air conditioning first, but also open the air conditioner in the vehicle after starting two or three minutes to get the engine lubrication.

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