Three Reasons For DigiProg III Blue/White Screen Problem

Digiprog 3 obdmeter programmer can used for all speedometer, and engine control units, operating hours counter, keys, memory error, motorcycles, etc. easily programmed. But usually if you update it yourself, may meet DigiProg III Blue/White Screen problem.

Digiprog III V4.88 Digiprog 3 Odometer Programmer Full Set with All Cables

Usually, the Blue screen and white screen error of Digiprog 3 is caused by the following three reasons.

1. DigiProg 3 Voltage isn’t steady

When you connect the digiprog with the power (12V), if your voltage will not be steady, it’s going to also cause the blue display problem.

2. DigiProg 3 is updated?

If some customer update the digiprog III(3),and some error, will cause blue screen of Digiprog 3.

Attention: please never update the digiprog 3 if you use it. Once latest software of digiprog III is released, we’ll release it on our website. Should you have to have update your device, please contact with us.

3. Digiprog 3 is destroyed around the method to you.

Before we send the solution out, we’ll test it. If digiprog 3 is crashed or extruded for the way, additionally, it meet blue screen issue.

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