Volvo Solar Charging Umbrella

This solar charger umbrella by absorbing solar energy isused for plug-in Hybrid Electrical Vehicle. At the same time, it is also a work of art as shading devices, can effectively reduce the vehicle temperature rise in the sun.

In fact, this solar charger umbrella most spectacular place is its convenience. It’s powered by a flexible thin film photovoltaic device, the support rack are also lightweight carbon fiber, can be easily folded into a small tent pocket, very easy to carry out. Likewise, it can assembly forming again, just need to go through some training, and must have at least one hour of patience and a large enough venue.

However, the charging speed is not fast, in order to the S60L plug-in hybrid model under the umbrella to calculate the amount of the charge, it need 12 hours continued to shine in the sun to fully charge. And we can see this beautiful umbrella charge is a big guy, and an area of 36 square meters cover and 3 meters in height is somewhat amazing, very few people should be able to hold such a monster.

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