Volvo Vida Dice Software Installation Tips

Volvo Vida Dice Software Installation user manual:

1. Run the CD-ROM ,<InstallDVDVida_dvdheaderMainsetup.exe>,Choose the languages:[EN-GB…], install it to list, till all installations finished ,then restart the computer.

2. After restarted, once the service icon(The bottom of the right corner) is available(VIDA Status: Running) , and choose the below cracked executing documents [VIDA2013A_patch.EXE], install it to list, then retart the computer.
User Name: admin

1. Software Version: 2013A
2. OBD Volvo Vida Dice 2013A can only be used on Win7 Operating System
3. Language: English, French, Spanish, Swedish, Portuguese

Note:it support the volvo car model from 1999

Volvo Vida Dice Requirement on Computer:
1. It must be windows 7 professional operating system
2. It need to be Internet Explorer 8
3. Computer memory need over 3GRAM
4. C:// must have 40GB space
5. Software must install on C://
6. It must be NTFS format