What Operating System Does BMW DIS V57 Need?

Many people who have inquired about the BMW GT1,BMW GT1 OPS,BMW GT1 Cable ,BMW GT1 Scanner Cable,BMW GT1 software,BMW GT1 download,BMW GT1 user manual,BMW DIS V57,BMW DIS.Today, I will provide some questions about BMW DIS V57 ,hope can help you.

What Operating System does BMW DIS V57 need?

We recommend using Windows Xp to run BMW DIS V57, however the software will also run on Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows Vista (32 bit) and Windows 7 (32 bit). Please note that 64 bit operating systems are NOT suitable for BMW DIS V57 software packages. The BMW DIS V57 software package uses a virtual environment called VMWARE which is included within the software set and replicates the non-windows operating system used within the original BMW factory and dealer environment, unfortunately, since there was never an official Windows based version of Dis V57 written, it would be impossible to run BMW DIS V57 under any Windows O/S without also running Vmware.

Can I get this to run without the VMWARE environment?

No, This is very complex dedicated software which you can’t just pop down to PC World or Walmart and buy in a nice XP / Windows 7 ready package. If you want or are looking to use this without VMWARE, then seriously, just take your car to a dealer because if a non vmware environment is what you are looking for then you will spend a long time hunting around for something which has never existed.

Will using this software invalidate my BMW Warranty?

This product is NOT supported, nor endorsed by BMW, and whilst connecting and using the software for diagnostics is not detectable, if you should make a mistake, or change any of the default coding or component settings then yes, you will invalidate any warranty on the vehicle, just as you would if you had the vehicle remapped using a third party or had work carried out outside of the dealership. If the vehicle is under warranty then there would be no requirement to use software such as this, simply take your vehicle to the dealer and have any issues corrected under your warranty agreement.

Which Models of BMW Vehicle are compatible with Dis V57 and SSS V32?

BMW 1 SERIES E81, E82, E87, E88
BMW 3 SERIES E30, E36, E46, E90, E91, E92, E93
BMW 5 SERIES E28, E34, E39, E60, E61
BMW 6 SERIES E24, E63, E64
BMW 7 SERIES E22, E32, E38, E65
BMW X3 – E83
BMW X5 E53,
BMW X5 – E70,
BMW X6 – E71
BMW Z1 – E30,
BMW Z3 – E36,
BMW Z4 – E85 / E86 / E89,
BMW Z8 – E52
MINI R50 / R52 / R53 / R55 / R56 / R57

Can I use this software if I run a Dealership or am a Mechanic?

No, this software is supplied on an educational evaluation basis on the understanding that it is to be used for non profit, non commercial purposes by private individuals for diagnosing their own personal vehicles on a DIY basis. We reserve the right not to supply to any individual whom we believe will be using this for commercial activities, unless they supply us with a disclaimer stating that it will only be used on a personal basis – Sorry!

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