What Should I Do When Launch X431 GX3 Touch Screen Did Not Respond?

The Launch X431 GX3 black and white, generally motherboard or screen, you can pull out the card first and then try to turn on the power, or press HOT, if you can not solve, you have to change accessories or replacement GX3 Smartbox.

Launch X431 GX3 Auto Diagnostic Tool

We have Launch X431 Smartbox For Super Scanner GX3 and Launch X431 GX3 touch screen for sale.If your Launch X431 machine the outer touch screen is broken , you can change only this thin panel.

If damaged seriously, then maybe need another one with the control board at back.

Launch X431 GX3 connected computer can display GX3 touch screen did not respond, what should I do?
If the mask word, but click GX3 touch screen did not reflect the general need to adjust the screen just getting the point out, click in the four corners of positioning.

If you adjust the Launch X431 GX3 screen after not enough?
That is the the X431 GX3 screen bad, generally 99% of such cases after the correction screen will be good.

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