When The Autel Maxidas DS708 Update Program Fails

So far, all version of Autel Maxidas DS708 support update online.

Original Autel MaxiDAS DS708 Scanner

When the Autel Maxidas DS708 update program fails :

When the maxidas ds708 update program fails, the scan tool will pop up a reminder. To troubleshoot failures, follow these instructions:

The Autel server might have encountered a failure for the time being. Please try updating at a later time.

Ensure that the maxidas ds708 scanner has been registered on-line.

Ensure that the write-protect of your SD card is off.

Update Failure Screen – Internet Failure

When the maxidas ds708 scan tool software is being updated

Update Failure Screen – SD Card Locked through the scan tool:

Make sure that the maxidas ds708 scanner is connected to the Internet.

Try updating the scan tool software via computer.

If your SD card is too full to load any new application, please delete diagnostic applications of vehicle makes that are scarcely used.

Ensure that you are using a legal version of using massive Internet resources be suspended so that the updating will be smoother.

When the maxidas ds708 scanner software is being updated via a computer:

Make sure that the computer is connected to the Internet.

It is suggested that the computer programs.

As for the update charge, when you want to update, contact our customer service for details.

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