Why Buy X100 + Instead Of SBB T300 Or Other Auto Anti Matching Equipment?

Why buy X100 + instead of SBB T300 or other auto anti matching equipment ?See the following customer often asked the question you will know the result.

Original X-100+ X100 Plus Auto Key Programmer

Q: X100+ Key Programmer car computer matching experts and other models of automobile anti-theft apparatus matching any different?

A: The other types of China-made matching apparatus is mainly to auto locksmith development, most models can match the key, can not do computer and engine computer synchronization, and X-100+ positioning customer base includes not only auto locksmith, and comprises the majority of auto repair factory users, because auto repair factory not only use the matching key, but also use the replacement computer anti-theft and engine computer synchronous matching, while the domestic common matching apparatus, including SBB Key Programmer,T300 Key Programmer and so can not do the replacement engine computer and computer after synchronous matching.

For example: Chery, Honda, modern Chinese, the entire vehicle after water, replace the engine computer, computer need to do computer and engine computer synchronous matching or ECM initialization initialization initialization, SMARTRA, PDM, ESCL initialization, domestic other models matching apparatus and SBB Key Programmer,T300 Key Programmer can match, X-100+ can.

Remark: X100 plus Odometer adjustment via diagnostic connector will be added continue.Including X-100 Key Programmer all the matching function and add new software function in X-100 Plus.

Q:Does this require tokens and do I have to buy tokens in order to operate X-100+?
A:X100+ Key Programmer doesn’t need tokens ,you can just use it .

Q:How to update X100+ Key Programmer?
A:The link of address to register,and then download the files to update.
The link for the website to offer software,if you need the address,please contact us.
Friendly reminder,you need to register,and need the Dealer code: 860010A1
Meanwhile,the website is in Chinese language,you need to choose the English language at the top-right corner.

Q:Does x-100+ auto key programmer need a pin code when programming the key?
A:You should read pin code when doing Kia,Hyundai.

Q:Is this X100+ Key Programmer product original?
A:Yes,our X-100+ Key Progammer is 100% Original and Genuine.Adjust the structure of the x-100 key programmer manual display, so must be formatted TF card, then to download the upgrade models from HTTP: / / http://www.x100cn.com/.
SN label is on the back of the host, login password is inside the machine of the boot up the system information.

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