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HONDA HDS Installation

1.Install HONDA HDS 1) Double-click Setup tostart installation 2) Click Next 3) Click Yes 4) Select USA, then Click Next 5) Select GNA600, then Click Next 6) Click OK 7) Click Finish 2.Install MVCI Driver 1) Click Next 2) Select installation folder, then click Next 3) Click Install to begin installation 4) Installing… 5) Select […]

How to update DATA SMART3 software?

The steps are similar among “active function”, “software update” and “firmware update”. Take “software update” for example. First please ensure you’ve installed USB driver well, connect the device to PC through USB and plug the test connector to the device. Then power on. Choose the option”PC_LINK”, shown as figures below Run PC_LINK software on your […]

Multi-Diag 2013V Installation Tips

Multi-Diag 2013V Installation Tips 1. Ensure disconnect internet or do not have wifi before the software installation. 2. Open file(1)Key076957, run file keyupdate, then confirm and waiting message “Successful installation 076957” and “OK” 3. Install (2)1-2013 software, If the software you installed need to unlock 27 – XXXXXXXXXX, pls contact us, we will provide you […]

What function MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS support ...

MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS supported function for DAF trucks: Dignose, Messwearte, Ecu Date, Stellglieder, Steuergerate-Daten, Parameter, Kalibrieren, Rucksetzen, Manueller Prozess. For more details about MULTI-DIAG TRUCKS function list, please check the  “Related Download Files”.  Note: Because the truck electronic system updating cycle is a little long, usually it will spend 3 -5 years until the new function […]