3D printed car finally become a reality in recent days, the first 3D printed car appeared in the streets of New York and provide test drive to the passers-by. Its extremely avant-garde appearance is attracting a lot of people’s attention. It is reported that this 3D printing car production cycle is only 44 hours, the maximum speed is up to 80 km/h. Its creators say the whole car parts cost about $ 3,500.

This 3D print Car from the “local car” car company is called “Manchester Lardy”, with only two custom leather seats, carbon fiber and plastic body, using only 40 parts. The producer, said, according to customer demand, is expected to be priced between $ 18000-30000.

Most car parts, such as body, chassis, center console, hood, etc. by 3D printing, one side of the body, you can clearly see the layers of overlapping 3D printing layer, but the edges have been polished very smooth. Engine, suspension, gearbox, tires, seats and other parts are still done by the traditional process. Given the small size car, the car use a motorcycle tire.