Mitsubishi MUT-3 Diagnostic and Programming Tool With TF Card for Cars and Trucks

What is MiTsubiShi Mut 3 ?
The MiTsubiShi Mut 3 can retain data on all vehicles, from old to new models, classified according to destination in the PC’s hard disk. A personal computer (PC) is connected to the Mut iii unit and used as a system’s control terminal, and communicates with a vehicle ECU through the VCI. In addition to being able to handle all diagnosis functions covered by the conventional MUT-II tester, the Mut 3 installation system can display data as easy-to-understand diagrams and graphs on a large screen of the PC.

What can the Mut iii do?
The Mut iii package can preform a variety of functions including rewriting the vehicles ECU, rewriting the vehicles TCM, reading diagnosis codes, and clearing diagnosis codes.

What does MUT stand for?

I read I can download a MUT-III online. Is that true? Where?
There are various sources to obtain the Mut 3 software online. However doing so through a torrent or FTP site is software considered piracy and illegal.

Where can I buy a MiTsubiShi Mut 3 ?
You can find MiTsubiShi Mut 3 packages on