In hot weather, the first thing of driving for many car owners is to open the air conditioning to make temperature down, without knowing which may be detrimental to health.

Long stay in air-conditioned environment, because of poor ventilation, people will get nasal congestion, dizziness, runny nose, fatigue and other symptoms, which are commonly known as “Air conditioning disease.” Similarly, the car drivers in car with opening the air conditioning for long will suffer from this “Air conditioning disease.”

Since cars are a relatively small enclosed space, inside jewelry, cigarettes, leather seat covers and other items will be volatile harmful gas molecules or bacteria, in this case if the air does not circulate, there will be very big hazards on the human body. Therefore, the best way is to transfer outside air circulation gear, to ensure the flow of air inside the vehicle, so to maintain a certain fresh air, and the indoor and outdoor temperature difference should not exceed 7 ℃.