Vehicles is becoming increasingly popular, but, many owners do not understand some of the function keys on the car such as the S gear, when pushed into the s gear, only to find that power is adequate, cars run much more “joy.”

In fact, this gear can not always be used, because the gear although can instantly improve the speed and power, but this gear will bring the gearbox load and wear.

There are automotive professionals, says, S gear sports mode, the gearbox can freely shift, but the opportunity will delay, so that the engine at high speed maintain a longer period, instant large output torque, the vehicle power increase, the use of other gear will be somewhat less.

Although the car has an S gear, but there are automotive professionals still do not suggest that this gear, because the use of S gear,will increase fuel consumption.

Because of the high speed,fuel-injection quantity is large, so that the car fuel consumption is bound to increase, although you can instantly speed, but this gear is often used when overtaking. This gear is actually extended when upshift without changing other aspects of the work, so it will give a greater load on the gearbox, bringing wear to gearbox.