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How To Check The Tire Pressure

Before long-distance travel, it’s better to check the car tire pressure whether is normal or not, to eliminate safety hazards. 1. The first step is the detection of the tire pressure, keeping the four-wheel tire pressure same; 2. We must check the tire wear, by a small triangle marking in the tire sidewall, to determine […]

Car Air Conditioning Outside Loop Mode: ...

In hot weather, the first thing of driving for many car owners is to open the air conditioning to make temperature down, without knowing which may be detrimental to health. Long stay in air-conditioned environment, because of poor ventilation, people will get nasal congestion, dizziness, runny nose, fatigue and other symptoms, which are commonly known […]

How To Maintain Car Power Windows

Q: Recently discovered power windows on cars some small up problems, how to maintain power windows? A: car power windows most common situation is that within the orbit of the rubber glass hardening or the card is dirty, so the glass is not smooth or stuck down not moving. Therefore, regular spray some WD-40 inside […]