Car air conditioning evaporator, ventilation tubes in the dark for long, the internal environment has high temperature and is humid, making Cabin air of dust, bacteria and other impurities adsorbed on the wall, condensed into the dirt, the dirt will not only affect the air conditioning cooling , but will also make air conditioning as a source of pollution.

Car air conditioning generally will be carried out disinfected every five months, and air filter life is generally one year, so after the expiry date it needs to be cleaned and replaced. Owners should buy air conditioning cleaning agents to give air conditioner duct a “cleaning”, can also go to the 4S shop for cleaning and maintenance, to avoid air-conditioned becoming sources of air pollution inside the car.

Improper use of car air-conditioning will also increase fuel consumption.

Car air conditioning bring comfort, but also let the car’s fuel consumption rise. Many owners open air-conditioning to the maximum once in car, in fact, this is the most gas-guzzling. The correct way is to open all the car windows, so that the flow of hot air inside the air will take away, and when the temperature inside and outside are the same again,you can close windows and open air conditioning, transfer to the circulating gear, so the cooling effect is best and it is also the most fuel efficient.