Do not buy the “blue light” sunglasses,which can not filter UV rays. In the choice of sunglasses, try to choose brown or gray.

For driving, you should not choose pink, purple, light blue and other obvious decorative effect sunglasses, these colors sunglasses will not achieve basic eyes protective effect, in addition, may also change color to produce chromatic aberration. In general, it is good to wear a brown and gray glasses. Tinted lenses to filter out a lot of blue light, can effectively improve the visual contrast and clarity; while the gray lenses can absorb any chromatography equalizer, wearing with no obvious chromatic aberration.

Driving, as a high risk behaviors, is easy to lead to accidents on the environment misjudgment. If you really want to use sunglasses while driving, we suggest that in daily walk, develop the habits of wearing sunglasses when walking or at work . Need to be reminded that, if the owners usually do not have the habit of wearing sunglasses, do not use sunglasses only for driving.