Recently there are much rain, and often rain-soaked, if just driving on the road, it is difficult to see within ten meters behind the vehicle. But also because of the rain, a large temperature difference between inside and outside the car, and sometimes, the car also produces fog on the glass, then, car owners should pay more attention to safety, in addition to see the road, the vehicle must slow down.


Because of the slippery on rainy days, the friction coefficient decreases, make sure to slow down while driving, keep the distance between the front and rear vehicle, ahead of emergency measures of psychological preparation. When visibility is less than 200 meters speed should not exceed 60 kilometers per hour.

If the rain is too large, the owner is best to open the front and rear fog lights, but do not open the hazard lights, for the excessive rain, poor visibility around the car, we cant not make sure that a vehicle driving hazard lights is moving or stationary, Therefore, it is best to open headlights and fog lights, so that the front and rear cars can know the distance of the front car well.