FORD VCM IDS License Installing Notice:

1. Please don’t run the FORD VCM IDS software, before you install the License “Ford-License for IDS.exe”.
2. If you can see the windows process “XMLRegistryD.exe” in the windows task manager, then kill the windows process “XMLRegistryD.exe” before you run the “Ford-License for IDS.exe” License.

While you install the FORD VCM License “Ford-License for IDS.exe”, if you see the picture 1, then you should do the step 1, step 2, step 3.

Step 1:Press the “windows key + R” of the keyboard
Step 2:Input the “TASKMGR” into the textbox of “open (o)”
Step 3:Kill the windows process “XMLRegistryD.exe”.
Step 4:Rerun the License “Ford-License for IDS.exe”