Q: Recently discovered power windows on cars some small up problems, how to maintain power windows?

A: car power windows most common situation is that within the orbit of the rubber glass hardening or the card is dirty, so the glass is not smooth or stuck down not moving. Therefore, regular spray some WD-40 inside the glass elevator rail for lubrication. For rubber, there is also a maintenance agent, can maintained the toughness and reduce chapped condition. Another condition caused by wear and tear falling regarded as motor failure, or linkage immersion corrosion fracture, causing the glass case of derailment occurred, encountered such a situation you only have to replace parts.

Why does the compressor not work?

Q: for a long service life, my car air conditioning compressor does not work once open the air conditioning, how is this going on?

A: there may be a line problem, there are several car compressor control, one is electronically controlled, one is the clutch control, and the other is a mixed control mode. Check up what kind of control, it can be ruled out, it is recommended to the repair shop to do the professional inspection.