After successfully setup SKT 100 software, the SKT100 key programmer can be operated with:
Temic and T5 Transponders
Philips Transponders
Hitag2 Transponders
Megamos Crypto (M48) Transponders

SKT100 Setup:
It is strongly recommended to study transponder’s datasheet before using “SKT100” device (SKT-100 Manual showing “Supported Transponder Types” will post below).
SKT100 software comes in two versions: Portable and With Installer.
Tip 1: SKT100 Version with installer, after you run it, installs the necessary drivers and itself to the computer.

SKT 100 Portable version consists two files: the first – the installation driver, the second – the program itself, which requires no installation and takes place on any computer. It can be placed on any external storage device.

Tip 2: Consider working with SKT100 software. After starting the software you see the operating field. In the upper part is the main menu. Main menu allows you to download the data previously read from the transponder, or store the read data in the file, it is the same choice of the window to work with the internal memory of the device.

Tip 3: Menu RFID-Device is intended for:
Select transponder – select operation windows with a transponder (depending on the type of transponder).
Calc – a choice of calculator for restoration of transponder lost data
Keygen – select generator of the prepared transponder by the type of vehicle