Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner is the newly auto scanner from LAUNCH, which improved the features and function based on all feedback from the user’s served by the X431 in their respectively fields of works. Compact Smartbox , main unit, printer, powerful diagnostic functions, fast and convenient update, universal 16PIN connectors, make it the first choice for technicians. X-431 IV Auto Scanner is the standard equipment for technicians.

Original Launch X431 IV Master Update Online

Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner— X431 Master perfect replacement. Better performance than X431 Master, can support Australian Holden and Ford, Indian car model, and also support 12V/24V car models.

Update: Free Online update for one year
Language: Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Turkish, Russian, French, Polish, Italian, Japanese, Greek, Dutch, Hungarian, Arabic, Serbian, Romanian, Danish , Farsi, Finnish, Swedish, Czech
Attention: All the languages do not support to all the car modules, some modules only have English Version, please pay attention to it.

Launch X431 IV Features:

* Performance / Speed: The Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner is now a whole unit (permanently connected) means the communication time between Smartbox and main unit is reduced.

* Appearance: The Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner has a new designed and cover made from high quality materials to stand in a new market.
* Connector: The Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner has a new connector to replace all CAN Bus and OBD Connector called OBDII 16E connector.
* Power source: The X-431 IV Auto Scanner can support 12V and 24V means not only small vehicles but also big vehicles can tested.
* Speed: Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner faster than X431 Master
* Measurement: Launch X431 IV Auto Scanner small than X431 Master

Launch X431 IV Functions:

a) Diagnostic functions: trouble diagnosis of automotive ECU’s; (Features including: read trouble code, clear trouble code, read data stream and special features), the diagnostic software completely consistent with that of X431, fully inherited the advantages of X431 including wide coverage of vehicle models and high precision test;
b) PDA functions: (handwriting with stylus, personal data management,English-Chinese dictionary, etc.);
c) Optional functions: creation of repair files and access to maintenance data);
d) Mini printer (can be used with X431PCCENTER to connect to the computer for storage of vehicle test data )

Launch X431 IV Specifications:

* Operating System: LINUX
* Memory: 16M
* CF Card: 1G
* Main Unit I/O: Universal Serial Bus /Standard Parallel port
* Main Unit Voltage: DC12V / 24V
* Main Unit Power: approximately 9W
* Printer: Thermal mini-printer
* Display Screen: 240X320 LCD with touch screen and backlit
* Components: Main unit, Smartbox and Miniprinter
* Ambient temperature: -10-55°C
* Relative Humidity: <90%
* Measurement:198*316-55.5mm

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