Due to the long-distance travel the vehicle spare parts burden are more than usual short-burden, so before the the long journey, be sure to make a simple full vehicle inspection, major projects are:

Check the abnormal sound of Chassis: If the sound source is the drive shaft, you need replacement before driving. Meandering paths, complex roads make constant velocity joints in violent motion, several times load more than driving in the general urban road.

Check the cooling water: winter driving, nighttime temperatures is usually below 0 ° C. In such a low temperature water freezes; excellent antifreeze can effectively reduce the freezing point of water, as well as increase the boiling point, the protection of the pipeline and associated mechanical functions.

At low temperatures, the cooling water without antifreeze or antifreeze concentration insufficient, the engine and the tank will be bursting at the seams.

Check the battery status: car battery discharge efficiency is best at 25 ° C, when the ambient temperature drops below 10 ° C, the efficiency will rapidly decline. If the battery voltage is below 12.2 volts after stalled two hours, you haave to carry a spare battery or replace.