New Super Serial Suite Piasini Engineering Master Version

Here is the step-by-step software installation guide.

Step 1: Insert CD software into the computer/laptop

Step 2: Copy “Suite Piasini 4.3” folder and paste it to the desktop

Step 3: Open “Suite Piasini 4.3” the folder on desktop

Step 4: Run HWIDGen.exe, click to Copy the ID, and use the Piasini keygen we send you to get the activation code for the ID.

Step 5: After use the Piasini keygen to get activation code, paste in Piasini-SW folder. Suite Piasini 4.3 software is fully activated.

Step 6: Connect the Suite Piasini device with computer via USB port

Step 7: The software is ready to use


Our Suite Piasini engineering V4.3 is the master version. Slave version data is locked. You need to unlock the data first and Master version needs to activate. Slave version can only read a part of chip by encrypt file. This dump is only for tuning file and you have to send dump to professional company for tuning file. Master Version 4.3 can read all dump of chip by bin file and you can write or edit dump yourself.

For detail Suite Piasini vehicle list, please check: