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Car Air Conditioning Outside Loop Mode: ...

In hot weather, the first thing of driving for many car owners is to open the air conditioning to make temperature down, without knowing which may be detrimental to health. Long stay in air-conditioned environment, because of poor ventilation, people will get nasal congestion, dizziness, runny nose, fatigue and other symptoms, which are commonly known […]

How To Maintain Car Power Windows

Q: Recently discovered power windows on cars some small up problems, how to maintain power windows? A: car power windows most common situation is that within the orbit of the rubber glass hardening or the card is dirty, so the glass is not smooth or stuck down not moving. Therefore, regular spray some WD-40 inside […]

Summer Driving Safety You Have to Know

Note that changes of water-thermometer Summer weather is hot, the driver should always pay attention to changes in water-thermometer, generally not exceeding 95 ℃, especially vehicle load or when driving in the mountains, but also to pay attention to prevent the engine from overheating and in time for the tank water. Do not stick the […]

Small Tips Of Automatic Transmission Mai...

1.Cars each traveling 50,000 kilometers, connecting the equipment and car power, joint the equipment and transmission cooling phase. Then, the engine idle state, add the automatic transmission cleaning agent, feet slam the brakes, each of the automatic transmission by one gear change, in order to remove harmful substances, and full replacement of the device by […]

Car Wash Tips In Summer

First, wary of cold water. Summer temperature is high , many owners mistakenly believe that you can wash with cold water to cool down the car, it is not. Car operating in high temperature environments, high speed, the engine, chassis, and various other operating systems will heat up, at this time if a direct wash […]