Use CN2 copy ID63 chip via CN900( Including connect with PC to decode)

1.First put the original key with ID63 chip intesting hole and press Identify& Copy. Wait for few seconds will see Decode and P4: XX XX XX XX XX

2. Open computer and find this CN900 Decode 4D and click it. After click then will see these English words: The Database is ready for processing…… If after click not see that English words then try to click again till see these words appear.

3. After see computer appear these English words: The Database is ready for processing…… then back to CN900 device and press Decode button.

4.After press Decode this button the CN900 screen will appear this word : Decoding.
And computer screen will appear Timing .After timing will appear SUCCESS this word.
After see this word then meant the Decode procedures is finish..

5. After Decode procedure finished then will see CN900 screen will appear Copy and P4:01 43 87 93 73 . So remove the key from testing hole and put CN2 in hole. Press Copy button .And wait for few seconds will see following different English words and finally will appear Success. So see this words thenmeant the copy finish successfully.

6.Keep the CN 2 in testing hole and press Back button and press Identify&Copy button.
Wait for few seconds then will see the CN2 datashowing same as original key with ID63 chip. So the copy is successful.